Table 1

CMR Acquisition Parameters in a Siemens (New York, New York) 1.5-T Avanto Scanner

Imaging PurposeAcquisition TypeTR/TE (ms/ms)No. of SlicesPixel Sizes (mm)No. of PhasesSlice Thickness (mm)
3D anatomy reconstructionStack of static true-FISP in the axial direction174/1.22450.913
CFD boundary conditionsPC CMR cross sections57.5/3.9351.4063225
3D flow reconstructionStack of PC CMR in the coronal direction66.45/4.68111.1979225

3D = 3-dimensional; CFD = computational fluid dynamics; CMR = cardiac magnetic resonance; FISP = fast imaging with steady-state precession; PC CMR = phase-contrast cardiac magnetic resonance; TE = echo time; TR = repetition time.