Table 5

Details of the 10 Coronary Segments for Which Visual CCTA Inspection Differed From IQCA by >1 Grade

Patient Age (yrs)Patient GenderSegment LocationSize (mm)Lesion CalcificationAgatston ScoreVisual CCTA GradeIQCA GradeIQCA Result
Under by >1
 Segment 179MaleProximal LAD3.1None2002480%
 Segment 280MaleD13.4None3622495%
 Segment 344MalePLB1.6Moderate93235100%
Over by >1
 Segment 177FemaleMid-LAD2.6Severe2693119%
 Segment 268MaleProximal LAD4.8Severe9483115%
 Segment 378MaleMid-LAD3.3Severe1,4674241%
 Segment 471MaleProximal LAD2.8Mild3034246%
 Segment 566MaleMid-LCX3.5Severe5,2014229%
 Segment 644FemaleMid-RCA5.0Severe2,2704121%
 Segment 763FemaleMid-LAD3.0Severe3965363%

D1 = first diagonal artery; IQCA = invasive coronary angiography–based quantitative coronary analysis; PLB = posterolateral branch artery; other abbreviations as in Table 1.