Table 2

Comparison of Predictors of PVR by Identity (Linear) and Log (Exponential) Links

Explanatory Variable (Link)AICBICLinear Predictorp Value
QP/QS(identity)16617018.25 − 4.61(Qp/Qs)<0.001
QP/QS(log)4549exp(2.75 − 0.52[Qp/Qs])<0.001
Qpi(identity)16917215.34 − 1.58(Qp)<0.001
Qpi(log)4347exp(2.53 − 0.20[Qp])<0.001
MPAP(identity)165169−9.95 + 0.44(MPAP)<0.001
MPAP(log)5053exp(−0.21 + 0.04[MPAP])<0.001
MTPG(identity)152.5156.2−8.05 + 0.61(TPG)<0.001
MTPG(log)30.734.5exp(−0.14 + 0.065[TPG])<0.001

AIC = Akaike information criterion; BIC = Schwarz Bayesian information criterion; MTPG = mean trans-pulmonary gradient; Qp = indexed pulmonary blood flow; other abbreviations as in Table 1.