Table 1

Comparative Effectiveness Research—New Standards and Their Impact on CV Imaging Research

New StandardsImpact
CER entails broad clinical areas impacting large segments of the populationResearch assessing comparative modalities for improvements in health outcomes but also testing versus no testing trials to assess the impact of any testing on alterations in outcomes
End point selection: transparency of end points in relation to important clinical outcomesThe admixture of events commonly applied in CV imaging research will require a refocusing toward larger registries sufficiently powered to assess meaningful patient outcomes
Validation methodologies: an important part of comparative effectiveness research is the validation of study findings in ethnically-diverse populations of women and men across varied clinical presentationsThere is a lack of methods for validation that require development in CV imaging
Dissemination of study findings to patients, health care providers, and policymakersThe development of standards for disseminating study findings to important stakeholders is critical to improve referral patterns and the quality of imaging-guided care

CER = comparative effectiveness research; CV = cardiovascular.