Table 2

Associations of Exercise Capacity by Peak VO2

Partial Rp ValueAfter Adjustment for Age, Sex, BMI, and NYHA Functional Class III/IV
Unstandardized β95% CIStandardized βp Value
Age, yrs0.080.51
Male, %0.340.004
BMI, kg/m2−0.290.017
NYHA functional class III/IV0.370.002
 LVEF0.380.0020.150.07 to 0.250.390.001
 SVi0.54<0.0010.320.17 to 0.470.45<0.001
 LVGLS−0.46<0.001−0.56−0.33 to −0.78−0.52<0.001
 E/e'−0.290.017−0.39−0.65 to −0.12−0.320.005
 Peak PASP−0.52<0.001−0.39−0.58 to −0.20−0.45<0.001
 RVESAi−0.210.08−0.27−0.78 to 0.25−0.120.302
 RVFAC0.260.030.05−0.04 to
 TAPSE0.340.0050.32−0.05 to 0.680.200.085
 RVS’−0.51 to
 RV strain−0.69<0.001−0.74−0.52 to –0.95−0.59<0.001
 LAVi−0.260.04−0.05−0.15 to 0.04−0.150.252
During LPP
 LVEF0.370.0020.130.05 to 0.220.370.003
 SVi0.56<0.0010.290.17 to 0.410.49<0.001
 LVGLS−0.51<0.001−0.72−0.47 to −0.98−0.61<0.001
 E−0.230.06−0.05−0.11 to 0.02−0.170.14
 E/A−0.220.07−2.29−5.82 to 1.24−0.150.20
 e'0.330.0060.640.14 to
 E/e'−0.400.001−0.31−0.52 to −0.09−0.320.006
 Peak PASP−0.58<0.001−0.37−0.50 to −0.25−0.57<0.001
 RVESAi−0.260.03−0.42−0.93 to 0.09−0.190.105
 RVFAC0.300.0140.110.01 to
 TAPSE0.300.0120.31−0.14 to 0.750.170.172
 RVS’−0.74 to
 RV strain−0.70<0.001−0.77−0.57 to −0.97−0.66<0.001

BMI = body mass index; CI = confidence interval; other abbreviation as in Table 1.