Table 3

Scanners Used for Deriving k-Factors

ManufacturerScanner ModelDetector Rows for Cardiac ScanningSourceLocation
GELightSpeed VCT XTe64SingleNew York-Presbyterian Hospital
GEDiscovery CT750 HD64SingleNew York-Presbyterian Hospital
HitachiScenaria64SingleOcean Radiology, New York
PhilipsBrilliance 6464SingleSUNY Downstate Medical Center, New York
PhilipsBrilliance iCT 256128SingleCleveland Clinic, Cleveland
SiemensSOMATOM Sensation 6432SingleCleveland Clinic, Cleveland
SiemensSOMATOM Definition AS+64SingleCleveland Clinic, Cleveland
SiemensSOMATOM Definition2×32DualCleveland Clinic, Cleveland
SiemensSOMATOM Definition Flash2×64DualCleveland Clinic, Cleveland
SiemensSOMATOM Force2×96DualNYU Langone Medical Center, New York
ToshibaAquilion 6464SingleNew York Radiology Partners, New York
ToshibaAquilion Prime80SingleCarnegie Hill Radiology, New York
ToshibaAquilion ONE320SingleNew York-Presbyterian Hospital

Tables lists scanners used in this study, including details of the manufacturer, model, and number of detector rows of each scanner and the location where dosimetry experiments took place for deriving the k-factors.

  • Used only for 70-kVp protocols (Online Table 1).