Table 4

Net Reclassification Improvement Afforded by the Addition CAC Scores to the PCE for All Smokers and LCSE Smokers

Risk CategoryReclassified (%)Net Correct Reclassified (%)NRI
All smokers
  PCE alone3132382
  PCE + [ln CAC + 1]858379
 No Events19.732.3−12.6
  PCE alone8413701,700
  PCE + [ln CAC + 1]3019381,672
LCSE smokers
  PCE alone51184
  PCE + [ln CAC + 1]00100
 No Events019.2−19.6
  PCE alone3439308
  PCE + [ln CAC + 1]00318

Values are n, %, and NRI.

NRI = net reclassification improvement; other abbreviations as in Tables 1 and 3.