Table 8

Summary of Recommendations for the Reporting of Post TAVI/TAVR and Pre-VIV Scans

RecommendationGrade of Recommendation
At present, routine CT imaging following TAVI/TAVR is not recommendedStrong
CT should be considered in the setting of clinical concern for valve thrombosis, infective endocarditis, or structural valve degenerationStrong
Leaflet thickening should be described based on location, extent in length and overall thicknessStrong
Restricted motion should be reported as present or absentStrong
When available the size of the surgical valve in situ should be obtained from the patient records. When this is not possible, internal diameter may be measured and used for calculating the valve to be insertedStrong
The relationship of the uppermost aspect of the surgical valve struts to the STJ and to the coronaries should be describedStrong
When the surgical valve struts end below the level of the coronary ostia, virtual transcatheter valve to coronary ostia distances do not need to be measured.Strong
Stentless surgical valve in valve procedures should be interpreted and reported as for native TAVI/TAVR cases regarding risk of coronary occlusionStrong

CT = computed tomography; SOV = sinus of valsalva; STJ = sinotubular junction; TAVI = transcatheter aortic valve implantation; TAVR = transcatheter aortic valve replacement.

  • Based on level of consensus.