Table 4

Multivariate Predictors of Fast Growth of the Aortic Diameter

PredictorOR95% CIp Value
Dependent variable: ascending tract growth rate >0.9 mm/year
 All patientsRoot phenotype14.03.2–620.001
 RL typeRoot phenotype7.02.0–240.002
 RN typeAortic regurgitation (any degree)20.01.3–760.03
Dependent variable: root growth rate >0.5 mm/year
 All patientsRN type3.71.1–120.03
 RL typeSmall aortic root28.02.2–390.011
 RN typeFast progression of the ascending diameter6.21.0–370.04

For each segment of the aorta (ascending and root), 3 separate logistic regression models were developed: 1 for the entire cohort and 1 for each of the 2 subgroups of BAV morphotype. In each model, among all the study variables (listed in Table 1), only those showing significant univariate association with the outcome variable (see Results) were entered as covariates. Italicized p values are statistically significant.

CI = confidence interval; OR = odds ratio; other abbreviations as in Table 1.

  • Small aortic root = diameter at the sinuses >2 SD smaller than the mean expected normal value (see Methods), irrespective of the diameter at the ascending tract (a feature possibly associated with either the normal or ascending phenotypes).