Table 3

Prospective Multicenter Trials or Registries of FFRCT

NCTNStudy Findings/Objectives
Trial Ongoing
 CREDENCENCT02173275618Direct head-to-head comparison of coronary CTA plus FFRCT versus myocardial perfusion imaging by SPECT or PET
 PERFECTIONNYLNYLComparison of FFRCT versus single-energy CT rest/stress perfusion imaging
 DECIDE-GoldNCT02178904156Comparison of FFRCT versus dual-energy CT rest/stress perfusion imaging
 CONSERVENCT018101981500Evaluation of FFRCT as a “gatekeeper” to invasive coronary angiography (secondary aim)
 ADVANCENCT02499679NDProspective longitudinal registry to evaluate prognostic implications of FFRCT
Being discussed
 FAME-FFRCTNYLNDRandomized controlled trial evaluating FFRCT-guided strategies versus standard of care

ADVANCE = Assessing Diagnostic Value of Non-invasive FFRCT in Coronary Care; CONSERVE = Coronary Computed Tomographic Angiography for Selective Cardiac Catheterization; CREDENCE = Computed TomogRaphic Evaluation of Atherosclerotic DEtermiNants of Myocardial IsChEmia; CTA = computed tomography angiography; DECIDE-Gold = Dual Energy CT for Ischemia Determination Compared to “Gold Standard” Non-Invasive and Invasive Techniques; NYL = not yet listed; other abbreviations as in Tables 1 and 2.