Table 6

Multivariate Analysis of Nondiagnostic/Uninterpretable Image Quality

Odds Ratio95% CIp Value
Average heart rate during scan (increments of 10 beats/min)2.0131.858–2.181<0.0001
Body mass index >30 kg/m21.7441.501–2.026<0.0001
Valvular heart disease1.4671.158–1.8570.0015
Congestive heart failure1.4151.048–1.9100.0233
Contrast volume (every 25 ml)1.2691.148–1.403<0.0001
Framingham Risk Score (increments of risk categories)1.2211.102–1.3530.0001
TRO scanning1.0180.817–1.2700.8717
ECG dose modulation0.6720.572–0.789<0.0001

CI = confidence interval; other abbreviations as in Table 1.