Table 4

Mitral Regurgitation Etiology, Surgical Indications, and Management

All Patients
(N = 664)
(n = 447)
(n = 217)
p Value
Etiology of mitral regurgitation
 Degenerative mitral disease899478
 Infective endocarditis333<0.0001
 Rheumatic valve disease5211
Surgical management
 Mitral valve repair9193850.0005
 Mitral valve repair by etiology:
 Repair for degenerative disease9494920.40
 Repair for endocarditis8079830.80
 Repair for rheumatic disease5088380.01
 Concomitant CABG2325170.02
 Bypass time, min51 (30, 82)53 (30, 82)49 (30, 81)0.30
 Triggers for surgery
 Heart failure symptoms and/or ventricular dysfunction)514858
 Atrial fibrillation and/or pulmonary hypertension1413160.007
 Early surgery353926

Values are % or median (25th, 75th percentiles).

CABG = coronary artery bypass graft.