Table 2

Interobserver Variability for MDCT

ParametersCorrelation Coefficient (r)95% CI for rSignificance Level (p Value)Difference (Mean)95% CI for Mean
Infarct size, % of LV mass0.960.93–0.98<0.00010.63.0 to −1.8
Infarct volume, ml0.980.95–0.99<0.00010.050.8 to −0.7
LVED mass, g0.840.71–0.92<0.0001−0.93.9 to −5.7
LV ejection fraction, %0.930.87–0.96<0.0001−1.14.8 to −7.0
Stroke volume, ml0.840.70–0.91<0.0001−0.15.2 to −5.3
ED volume, ml0.920.84–0.96<0.00013.114.9 to −8.7
ES volume, ml0.930.86–0.96<0.00013.212.7 to −6.2

CI = confidence interval; ED = end-diastolic; ES = end-systolic; other abbreviations as in Table 1.