Table 1

Attributes for Success for Imaging Laboratories During Healthcare Reform

 1. Implement imaging guidelines and standards
 2. Structured reporting
  Develop databases to track quality measures and other parameters required for laboratory accreditation
 3. Use quality benchmarks for ongoing quality improvement programs, including
  Appropriate use
  Reproducibility of measurements and report findings
  Accuracy by comparison with other modalities
  Timeliness of study performance, interpretation, and reporting
  Radiation safety
Access and value
 1. Enhanced availability—longer hours, convenient locations
 2. Customer service
  Track patient satisfaction
 3. Collaboratively implement new technologies and uses of imaging
 4. Integrate health information technology in the laboratory
  Order entry
  Image access
 5. Work toward the appropriate inclusion of imaging in new healthcare delivery models
 1. Minimize laboratory operating expenses without compromising quality
 2. Take an active role in care redesign initiatives to ensure that imaging is utilizedappropriately and at proper time intervals on a diagnosis by diagnosis basis
 1. Learn leadership and management skills
 2. Strategic planning
 3. Build strong, collaborative teams within the laboratory, the practice, the heart center, and across the institution