Table 2

Unadjusted Medication Rates Pre- Versus Post-Coronary CTA

No CAD (n = 617)<50% Stenosis (n = 411)≥50% Stenosis (n = 97)p Value
Statin pre-CTA214569<0.001
 Less intensive18104<0.001
 Statin started624240.013
 More intensive264646<0.001
Statin post-CTA216086<0.001
BP medication pre-CTA325256<0.001
 Less intensive1110.99
 BP medication started349<0.001
 More intensive112124<0.001
BP medication post-CTA355664<0.001
Aspirin pre-CTA214555<0.001
 Aspirin stopped510<0.001
 Aspirin started92940<0.001
Aspirin post-CTA257395<0.001

Values are %.

CTA = computed tomographic angiography; other abbreviations as in Table 1.

  • p < 0.05 comparing unadjusted rates of pre- versus post-CTA medication use.

  • Intensification defined as initiation or increase in dose of a medication or, in the case of statin therapy, change to more potent statin.